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تحديثات لأجهزة GN-OTT 750 EVO 4K & ALLURE بتاريخ 2021 - 05 - 16

الجديد في التحديث

  • 1.when push page – to edit biss key box reinitialize .
  • 2/ fix info bar at the bottom.
  • 3/ Improve edit channels.
  • 4/ check cccam canot connect more claims from costumers.
----We used our test account connected ok,Need provide the cccam account to check it sever
  • 5/ add ca menu.
  • 6/ add more in formations in info bar –Date,weather,channel rate, channel resolution, encryption system
----Add some info in the infobar

إسم الجهازالنسخةرابط التحميل
GN-OTT 750 EVO 4KV3.1.7تحميل
GN-OTT 750 ALLURE EVO 4KV3.1.8تحميل
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