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تحديثات لأجهزة GN-OTT 750 EVO 4K & ALLURE بتاريخ 2021 - 08 - 20

الجديد في التحديث

  • 1/  Control the device by voice
  • 2/  Watch the channels on your phone ... fixed
  • 3/  Using the phone as a remote control
  • 4/  Using the application as a timer to program the time of its ignition and its extinguishing, and to record from any channel.
  • 5/  Recording from any channel on the phone directly or on the device’s memory ... fixed
  • 6/  Using the application as an editor for channels, favorites and other features.
  • 7/  The search has been added to several satellites
  • 8/  The device spasm was fixed when transferring MAV channels from one device to another
  • 9/  Add a new YouTube application with the latest update
  • 10/ Add the paid LYNX application
  • 11/ Adding a new audio channel to be used with external audio applications.
  • 12/ Update the weather app
  • 13/ Adding audio to the dongle sds ipaudio
  • 14/ Correcting the problem of some frequencies, and applications

إسم الجهازالنسخةرابط التحميل
GN-OTT 750 EVO 4KV3.2.3تحميل
GN-OTT 750 ALLURE EVO 4KV3.1.9تحميل