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تحديثات لأجهزة GN-OTT 750 EVO 4K & ALLURE بتاريخ 2021 - 10 - 02

الجديد في التحديث

    1-complete the development of Hisi Evo by the current luncher need first to add all functions existing in ps4 luncher ?These are some deficiencies as shown in the pictures.
        2- please check autoselect channel function in other settings when active it have this issue in video,im sending video to check.
            3-HISPASAT 30W please add this sat in sattelite list-
                4- when do scan in this sat ,scan stop sometimes in 5/100 sometimes 70/100  canot get complete scan and can't get spanish TNT channels,you need scan this sat in hisi 7.0 and put db file in evo to get these channels and some channels colored but not open.
                  -----still in checking��please used new sw test again.
                    5-please add sat to ip resolution select
                      ----Can��t do like it��now can in Sat--list into apollo
                        6-find boton not work directly,you must push ok then find to get find keyboard.
                          ------the Find in the software logic is to press ok to get the channellist first, then find will be effective
                            7. channellist Change back to the old mode, similar to the PS4 menu��

                              إسم الجهاز النسخة رابط التحميل
                              GN-2500 EVO 4K V3.2.3 تحميل
                              GN-OTT 750 ALLURE EVO 4K V3.2.4 تحميل