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تحديثات أجهزة GTMEDIA بتاريخ 19 - 11 - 2021

Change log:
1. SNR menu, add signal buzzer sound
2. Increase C/N MER
3. In the INFO interface, add a YouTube QR code
4. Add ATSC-C (J.83B) menu
5. Add USB backup function
6. Update Polish
7. Add DVB-S2 adjustment method
8. Add NIT search menu option under DVB-C
9 Add radio channel list menu
10. Increase the system reset password 0000
11. Repair wifi connection, reset stuck problem

1. USB upgrade using ZIP package file
2. Do not use software that does not match the model
Date: 2021.11.19
Software version: C20.A9.1.12
1. (DVB) Information bar secondary menu update
2. (DVB) Optimize satellite blind scan search function
3. (DVB) Optimize Multistream T2MI channel switching function
4. (DVB) Optimized 30W satellite program analysis function
5. (DVB) Optimize some interface design and operation
6. Update Disney+
7. Modify other known issues

USB Cable brush Firmware: